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we provide a range of global services to businesses in waste management

with today’s top-of-the-line technology and anticipating tomorrow’s environmental trends


nordiska solutions is committed to providing primarily “nordic” high-end cleantech products and solutions for both municipal and industrial applications. we offer customised solutions in water treatment, wastewater treatment and sloid waste management to our global customers.

we constantly work together with our customers and technology providers in order to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction and sustainability. the success of our clients depends on the skills and commitment of our people, and we constantly pursue innovative technology and cost-effective solutions for our clients, as we are driven to find answers where others fail.

our superior network

our superior network, as referred in all of our services, is the basis of success in building prospective partnerships. the wide range of connections enables us to offer diverse selections from each sector and business size.

whether you are seeking partners individually or on a corporate basis, we will provide you the perfect match for your requirements.

solutions with reach

we have tie-ups with several european and asian oem companies to provide cost-effective products and solutions to municipal water and wastewater markets. whether you need a new piece of equipment or to replace an existing system, we have the experience and engineering capabilities to deliver the most reliable and cost-effective products and solutions.

technology solutions we offer

for municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications

pre-treatment equipment such as screens (fine, coarse, bend, rotary, drum etc), compactors, slide gate etc.

DAF units, oil/water separators, lamella separators, PCI/CPI, PCS/CPS separators and clariflocculators

clarifier mechanisms (non-metallic chain and flight sludge and scum collectors, bridge scrapers etc.)

lamella clarifiers for SWRO

sludge thickening and dewatering (BFP, GBT, multi-disc screw presses, screw presses etc.)

chemical dosing systems

sludge disposal configurations (cake hoppers, silo, conveyors etc.)

self - cleaning filters, cumulative settling filters, customized automatic filters, drum filters , disc filters etc.

for solids waste management

from manual sorting line to fully automated plant

recycling and sorting to composting

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strategic partners mean a lot to your business. they could bring you additional skills, experience, knowledge, capital and network. if you are looking for your new business partners, start here!

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