a competitive advantage for your product(s) and service(s)

are you looking for a sales partner, a distributor for your product(s) or service(s) who can open the door to the asia-pacific region? are you looking for a high-end technology and solutions provider/manufacturer in the cleantech sector from the nordic and central european region? would you like to outsource your production segments in the asia-pacific region to bring in a competitive advantage to your product(s) and service(s)?

our partner search program helps international companies find an agent, representative, distributor or potential outsourcing company in the asia-pacific region, and also helps asia-pacific companies find potential manufacturing companies and technology providers in the nordic/central european region.

relationship with or without third party

we find potential business partners based on your criteria. we offer tailor-made solutions according to your industry, technology, experience, products or services, relationship with or without third party. our partner search program includes a basic market overview and a comprehensive business profile on companies interested in a mutual partnership. we also provide descriptions of companies that are not interested in entering such a relationship and their reasons for not doing so.

we coordinate and optimize b2b meetings according to participants’ profiles, while guaranteeing that only qualifying profiles meet.

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strategic partners mean a lot to your business. they could bring you additional skills, experience, knowledge, capital and network. if you are looking for your new business partners, start here!

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